Enji - Live it ( Official video clip )

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Directed by: Karim Berrhouma

Arranged by: Hassen isaac Haddour
Composed & written by: Enji Maaroufi
Guitar: Beligh Bahrini & Mohamed Miassi
Bass: Slim Abida
Musical Artistic Direction: Mariem Haddour
Mix & Mastering: Beligh Bahrini & Hassen isaac Haddour @SSL Studio Paris
Vocal Recording: studio Amine Kolsi Tunis
D. o. p: Mohamed Ayed
Editing: Mouadh El Ghali
Starring: Moez Baatour ( Speedy )
Dancers: Wafa Lara Mariem Gargouri
Costume supervisor: Yosra Mzoughi
Set Decorator: Mohamed Ali Ben Hneya
Assistant Camera: Mouheb Bouden
Gaffer: Walid el Amri
Make up artist: Nivine Hassan

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So you wanna be on fire and reach
The top of typical dreams
Insta star and a fancy car
Is that really what you need?
Don’t answer fast, those things don’t last
By the end you pay the fees
Of thinking less, cause the question is
To lead or not to lead

Live for yourself, not for the rest
Cause here’s the truth, no one really cares
About what you do in your life.

Live it with a smile on face
Live it like it’s your last day
All I’m saying
You’ll get the point someday

Live it on your own damn way
Live it wild and make a change
All I’m saying
Just give yourself a chance

Don’t get fooled by silly rules
Of how to be so cool
Use your mind and you’ll be fine
You’ve got nothing to lose

Work and dare but don’t compare
Cause once you’re in you are always there
Inside the shell of biggest lies


fall down twice
get up three times
get to know who you are
and just be glad with what you find

head up high
and touch the sky
spread your wings
fly outside
baby now, it’s time to shine

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