HALWAI STYLE RASGULLA RECIPE prepared by my GRANNY Rasgulla Recipe in Hindi | Rasgulla Recipe

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Recipe In English: - first of all boil milk after boiling the milk add vinegar or lime juice and then with the help of strainer is strain it after straining it you will get the cottage cheese and just knead it after that leave that cottage cheese and make sugar syrup and then get back to the cottage cheese and add baking soda baking powder after this kneadit well after this add semolina and again knead it and then add arrarot after this make small balls take half of the sugar syrup which you have made earlier put the balls in it and boil it until it becomes double in size after that take the left syrup and add balls in it and after that take sugar syrup in which you have boiled the cottage cheese balls strain it with cotton cloth and then added to the sugar syrup and balls and then enjoy
hello viewers welcome to my channel veg village food today my granny preparing rasgulla for homeless kids hope u like the recipe
RASGULLA RECIPE prepared by my GRANNY Bengali Rasgulla Recipe in Hindi घर मे कैसे रसगुल्ले बनाये Sponge Rasgulla Recipe in hindi, rasgulla recipe in hindi how to make rassgulla.
rasgulla is bengali sweet but we make it with our punjabi halwai style method rasgulla recipe halwai style

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